Mariah Hope once told us she wanted to see a miracle. I asked her today on the way to Table Rock if she has seen a miracle in her lifetime. She answered very quickly, “I’ve seen many of my prayers answered that only God could answer – so yes, I believe I’ve seen miracles.”

We call Mariah Hope, our “Hammy”! She really doesn’t know but one speed – and it’s full throttle. She loves with all her heart. When her daddy told her he used to shoot 100 free throws a day, he found a note on his desk one afternoon telling him she had shot 300 that day! She is a faithful prayer warrior. I have tried to explain that God may not always answer our prayers the way we want…she simply replies, “He answers mine!”

She loves to see her family together – and yet is thrilled when Matt and I go out on a date! I once got upset with Matt for not having his cell phone on when I needed him, Mariah was the one to tell me my voice sounded too sharp AND that, “You ALWAYS need to call Daddy HONEY when you are talking to him!”

She’s our baby who is growing up way too fast. We are so thankful for her humor, love, energy, rationalizations, questions, and imagination!!













I just had to add one more of the yellow flowers…I love these pictures!




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