My, My, MY, My…Little Brown Eyed Girl!


A friend of mine (Jason) challenged me to mix up my lenses when I was shooting – so I decided to take him up on it. I love my 24-70 mm lens and tend to stick with it for most of my pictures.  Today after Grace had another round of x-rays, we headed to a little playground near our home, enjoyed the beautiful weather, and I tried my 70-200 mm. I had fully intended to bring along additional lighting, but rushing out the door to get to the Doctor’s office with all of the right papers…making sure we actually had shoes on….just getting a camera on the run – you kinda get the idea. I’m just happy to have these pictures! We did have the reflector with us.

On a more personal note. One of my favorite songs out there right now is by Johnny Diaz, “There Could Never Be A More Beautiful You”.  Having four daughters, I love that this song teaches women of all ages to find their true beauty and worth in Christ alone! I think we’ve all seen Hollywood’s version of picture perfect cover girls who end up with lives so messed up and ugly. The price paid for a warped view of reality is so not worth it!

When I looked at these pictures of Grace, I wanted to cry. I kept thinking of the verse, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made…”

Gracie Pooh…my brown eyed girl, there could never be a more beautiful you! I love you so much!














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