Ponder Family Reunion

Clifford, Mom, James, Paul, Joe

Clifford, Mom, James, Paul, Joe

We get to take one of our favorite trips each September! Back to the beautiful mountains of KY (Wildcat land!!), to visit with my family. It’s always so nice to catch up with everyone, to see how the younger ones have grown, and to laugh at how those of us who are older are aging :).  Each year we meet family we really don’t know very well. But we leave with new friendships – sometimes new – old- memories…does that make sense.

My mom has Alzheimers, so this trip is very special for her. She may not remember much about the day, I always make a DVD for her to watch and re-watch so she can see her family members. Alzheimer’s can take many things away – but there are some things it can NEVER take away. It can NEVER take the love of those who love you. It can NEVER take the desire of those who love you to see a smile in your eyes. It can NEVER take the joy of knowing that while memory may fade, the soul is eternally secure!

While these may not be a professional shoot, they are profoundly important to my life. KY seems to hold those moments for me – doesn’t it? Once again I share with you a few moments – special smiles that brighten our lives and I hope will brighten yours too!

Aunt Joe

Aunt Joe



We have stayed with Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Clifford for as long as I can remember. Every year we leave saying, “We need to make more time for this trip!” We always leave feeling like we have been on a stress-free get away. That doesn’t happen very often in our world.



MacKenzie and Emily are about a week apart in age – but MacKenzie is my cousin. Her dad – what a rascal!!! Oh, the stories we could all tell – mine will forever be about my dear Uncle setting me up on a blind date…it’s a good thing love runs deep! Seriously, I love Tilmond – it would be hard not to!


Aunt Joe...our song leader :).

Aunt Joe...our song leader :).



Until next year, Lord willing, when we return,we leave  the KY mountains and head back to our SC mountains with full hearts. The trip home was a riot. Singing hymns with mom, A,B,C’s through the hymns has never been so fun or funny! Goodnight sunset!



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