Teddy Bear Tea




Big blue eyes, rose bud mouth, tiniest little nose, and a heart so very big! When she walked outside and saw her Teddy Bear Tea all set up, Ansley’s excitement was evident in her voice! We learned that Teddy liked mint cookies best of all and I must say he was a proper Teddy and drank the tea given him – despite a gnat or two mixed in!!

All I did was shoot while Ansley played. Her expressions are priceless. She is such an articulate little girl at two years old. The curls are natural – as is the charm.











On our trip home from S. GA my girls and I were singing in the van (trying to stay awake!), then we began recalling some of the blessings from our weekend trip. Once we began it was hard to find a stopping point. One thing the girls noticed and commented on was the blessing of seeing the fruit of faithful parenting in Ansley’s life. We get to hear the funny stories of her strong will – but one of my girls actually called her a “saint”.  It was a huge blessing to us to see young parents sacrifice their wills, wants, and desires to invest in the life of their child. We could see the evidence of their investment over the weekend. Lest her parents doubt I spent a weekend with the same child they live with – I have to post this one last picture…it’s one of my favorites. I guess because I see my oldest daughter in these eyes!




One Comment on “Teddy Bear Tea”

  1. Jason
    August 13, 2009 at 7:29 am #

    Quite nice! Love the colors and the softening.

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